About Legris USA’s Gutter Cleaning Tools

Legris USA is gutter device manufacturer located in Woodstock, GA. Our focus is on helping educate the consumer on the types of products they need and designing and producing the highest quality materials to meet those needs. So what are some of our best selling tools?

The Power fit– The Power fit is an attachment for your pressure washer. When you place this end into the gutter, it will blast leaves and debris in two directions. You will likely need an extension pole for this product. If you do not have downspouts on both ends of your gutters, then this product may not work to its full potential. This tool fits most gas pressure washers and is safe to use up to 3000 psi.

Gutter Cleaner Scoop– The gutter cleaner scoop is one of our simplest and most inexpensive products. The downside to this product is that you do have to climb up to your gutters to use it, but it is very easy to use. You simply take it into your gutter and scoop out any debris that may be clogging your system. The high handle position helps protect your hands from scratches and scrapes and the narrow heel makes it easy to scoop lodged debris. This is also one of our most durable products.

Extension Wand– The extension wand is also as simple as it sounds. This tool helps you keep your feet planted on the ground while you are cleaning your gutter systems. Using the extension wand will help you get your tool in just the right place and ensure higher accuracy when cleaning your gutters. It is rated up to 4500 psi so you can use it with your pressure washer.

Gutterbot– Yes, we have a gutter cleaning robot! This product is for the real tech enthusiasts. While you could do the manual labor yourself, you could also choose this high tech route. The Gutterbot blasts away leaves, dirt, and gutter clogs while the large bristles brush your gutters clean. The bot travels down your gutter with its own motor and it senses and adapts to debris in its way. While you have to remove gutter guards and covers to use this product, it is waterproof so you can even use it in the rain. We also sell a load of compatible accessories to make your gutter cleaning process run even more smoothly.

Gutter Bot

Rocket Cleaner–  The rocket gutter cleaner attaches to a standard hose. It can be used in your gutters and even in larger pipes making is one of our most versatile products. You just push the hose through your gutters and the rocket will blast debris out of your gutters. One of our favorite things about this product is that is attaches to a regular hose, so it does not require a power washer. It is different from our powerfit tool for this reason. It is incredibly quick and easy to use .

You can see why we are known for our great products. We design and produce them in Woodstock, GA and we have a reputation for having the most reliable products on the market.